Boise Flush-Glazed Brochure

3 Warranty riders for peace of mind. EnLiten TM Flush-Glazed Rider for Construction & Installation Provides protection in case of accidental glass breakage during residential and multi-family construction or installation. Therma-Tru will replace the flush-glazed fiberglass door or sidelite. EnLiten TM Flush-Glazed Rider for Homeowners Provides protection in case of glass-related failures due to manufacturer defect. Therma-Tru will furnish $300 toward installation and replace the flush-glazed fiberglass door or sidelite. 11% More Energy Efficient The Low-E glass used in flush-glazed doors delivers a clear view and is 11% more energy efficient than 1/2" Low-E glass in a Lip-lite frame.* Withstands Winds Up to 167 mph Door systems with flush-glazed glass are designed and tested to withstand wind forces up to 167 mph (DP-50).** (ASTM-E330) Superior Sound Dampening Doors with flush-glazed glass do a better job of dampening outside noise compared to a Lip-lite alternative. *Comparison of U-factor values of a flush-glazed full-lite door and a Lip-lite full-lite door, both with Low-E glass. **Must be installed as part of a Therma-Tru door system in compliance with a Therma-Tru product approval. Impact-rated products not available. Flush-Glazed Glass Lip-Lite Frame See the difference. EnLiten flush-glazed designs provide a simple profile with no added embellishments around the glass. Fiber-Classic ® & Smooth-Star ® 1/2-Glass Options Clear / Low-E SDL Craftsman Options Clear / Low-E SDL Fiber-Classic Oak ® 2150-SDL / 2000SL Stained Driftwood Smooth-Star ® S2150-SDL / S2000SL Stained Granite Fiber-Classic Mahogany ® FCM4813-SDLF1 / FCM2000SL Stained Autumn Harvest Smooth-Star ® S4816-SDLF1 / S2000SL Painted Cypress Smooth-Star ® S84816-SDLF1 / S8000SL Painted Cabernet Smooth-Star ® S4813-SDLF1 / S4810SL Painted Indigo Smooth-Star ® S84813-SDLF1 / S84810SL Painted Chestnut Fiber-Classic Mahogany ® FCM4816-SDLF1 / FCM2050SL-SDLF1 Stained Acorn