Rail Systems

How to Order Rail Systems Rail kits are available for both straight and stair applications. Each kit includes a top rail, a bottom rail, spindles, a crush block*, brackets, bracket covers and the necessary screws for fast installation. Rail kits can be attached to a wall, newel post or porch post. Plan your layout by determining the size and configuration of your porch, including any stairs. The most important step to building your order is creating an accurate layout. Check local building codes to determine minimum guardrail height, maximum rail span and structural post requirements for your area. Determine the number of rail and post kits you need to accommodate your layout. Next, choose spindle style. Then find the part number of the rail kit that meets your style, length and height requirements. Finally, determine size and style of any accessories needed to achieve the desired look. Rail System Accessories A variety of accessories are available to create your own unique system, including post kits, post sleeves and porch posts. If you have an application where additional or unique connections are required, bracket and adapter kits are sold separately. Individual components are also sold separately. How to Use This Section For ease of use, the product groupings in this section of the catalog are organized by size and style. Each product chart includes product images, dimensional data and part numbers to help specify, source and sell Fypon ® rail systems. Rail Systems *6' Stair Rail Kits do not include crush block. Note: Always consult the local building code authority to determine suitability of products to meet specific project requirements. Stair Rail Kits cannot be attached to 45-degree post applications.