Window & Door Trim

How to Order Door Trim & Entrance Systems When ordering door trim, first measure the door unit to be trimmed. The unit can be measured with or without brickmould; however, the brickmould is essential when using a storm door. Next, choose the desired pilaster style and size. Finally, choose a pediment or crosshead that is wide enough to span the opening plus the brickmould and pilasters or flat trim. Add desired accessories to complete the look. Window & Door Trim Accessories Keystones, dentil trim, trim strip and bottom trim accessories are available attached to standard products as fabricated products. A keystone can also be ordered as an unattached accessory. How to Use This Section Where applicable, part numbers are shown for products with attached accessories, or other available unattached accessories are referenced or shown with the product. Window & Door Trim Note: Always consult the local building code authority to determine suitability of products to meet specific project requirements. How to Order Trimmable Crosshead Example Determine height. 6" high Determine breast board width of crosshead. 36" width Select end cap width. End cap widths should coordinate with pilaster or moulding on either side of door / window. CHC4X6 (Coordinating over 3- 1 / 2 " flat trim) If no moulding is used, then any end cap can be selected. Calculate trimmable crosshead; account for end cap. 36" - (2 - 1 / 2 " x 2) = 31" required* Crosshead breast board width - (end cap back surface x 2) = trimmable crosshead Select trimmable crosshead. CHT36X6 Optional: Select accessory moulding / keystone. K6M and MLD716-12 1 2 3 4 5 6 *End cap back surface.