Window & Door Trim

87 Window & Door Trim H1 W H2 H1 W H2 SH3PE18X50X56RS [Profile] SH = Shutter [Height] H1 [Configuration] 2PE = 2-Plank Elliptical 3PE = 3-Plank Elliptical 4PE = 4-Plank Elliptical [Width] [Height] H2 (Maximum 120") To order an Elliptical Plank shutter that complements the arch of the window, provide measurements of H1 (in 1/4" increments) and H2 (in 1" increments) in your part number. See drawing for specific measurement points. Example: SH3PE18X50X56RS W H1 H2 12" Width 24" Width 18" Width Note: Minimum height (H2) for Elliptical Plank shutters is double the width of the shutter. Example: SH3PE18X35X36RS – 18" = width of shutter and 36" = height (twice the width). If a specific radius is required to complement an elliptical-shaped window, contact your customer service representative to order. Elliptical Shutters — Plank Rough Sawn Cedar [Texture] RS = Rough Sawn Part Number Logic: