Balustrades, Porch Posts & Columns

How to Order Balustrade Systems Our smooth balustrade systems are available in two sizes: 5" and 7". This size designates the width of the top and bottom rail. Planning Your Layout Balusters For each baluster, we have noted a center spacing dimension. This is the maximum center-to- center distance between balusters that does not allow a 4" sphere to pass through at any point. The number of balusters you need can be found by dividing the rail span, in inches, by the center spacing dimension shown under each part. Note: When dividing gives you a fractional result, always round up to the next whole number as shown in the example. Rail Installation Kits Each rail section (span between two newel posts) will require two Rail Installation Kits. Rail Installation Kits will connect both ends of one rail to a newel post or column. Note: Rail Installation Kits will not work on stair applications. Top and bottom rails do not come pre-drilled. Newel Posts Each newel post will require one Newel Post Installation Kit to anchor the base of the post, as well as any post tops, balls or trim collars desired. Balustrade System Accessories Balustrade system accessories are available to help achieve your desired look. All balustrade accessories are unattached and must be ordered separately. Structural Porch Posts & Columns Structural porch posts and columns are reinforced and have load-bearing capacities as noted. Installation hardware is included. Simply choose the column or porch post desired in a height that is equal to or slightly larger than the required height. Porch posts and columns can be trimmed to various lengths without impacting load rating. Be sure to order the appropriate quantity of porch posts and columns to adequately support the weight of the load they will carry. Balustrades, Porch Posts & Columns Note: Always consult the local building code authority to determine suitability of products to meet specific project requirements.