Fypon 2022 Full Line Catalog

4 Discover the Fypon ® advantage. Fypon makes homes better with durable, weather-resistant decorative millwork solutions that are engineered for ease of installation, provide long-lasting low maintenance, deliver performance for long-term value and are backed by a lifetime limited warranty for peace of mind. The resources you need. Building professionals trust Fypon to deliver outstanding customer service and support. We provide: • An industry- fi rst quote package program with quantity pricing tool. • Support from Fypon experts and answers to common installation questions. • Takeoff services for historical restorations, replicas or any unique pro fi le that fi ts your home or commercial application. For more information, contact CPS@fypon.com . Takeoff services for architects and builders. Fypon offers architects and builders a free takeoff service, allowing busy contractors more time to focus on their projects. Included in our quote package is a color-coded takeoff and an estimate sheet with pricing. Fypon also offers customers custom products if their project is $10,000 list price or higher. This can include a combination of custom and stock products. For more information, contact CPS@fypon.com or call 1.855.397.6647. Cutting and milling. Fypon polyurethane products can be cut and trimmed with standard woodworking tools, including table saws, circular saws, jig saws, band saws and miter saws. Trimming product will remove the smooth fi nish and create an exposed polyurethane edge. This edge must be primed to protect the exposed polyurethane. Fypon polyurethane products must be fi nished with paint or stain within 90 days of installation to protect the product from discoloration from the sun. For more information on the installation and care of Fypon products, visit fypon.com. Install. Installation instructions for all Fypon products can be found on our website at fypon.com/install. Remember to order adhesive. A urethane-based adhesive must be used on all polyurethane joint surfaces. Fypon recommends Locite ® PL Premium ® Adhesive. For PVC products, such as column wraps, Fypon recommends Duo-Sil ® adhesive and caulk. See pages 225 and 276 for ordering information. Note: See your Fypon seller or visit www. fypon.com for details on limited warranties and exclusions.