2023 Architectural Home Styles Guide

Engineered to work together. A Therma-Tru door with genuine Therma-Tru components is more than a beautiful door – it’s a complete door system. Therma-Tru manufactures or specifies every aspect – from the glass to the hinges – all engineered with craftsman precision for durability and reliability through the years. Learn more about our system components at thermatru.com/system-components . 35 *Manufacturer's test Facility Quality Assurance Validation Program, Architectural Testing, Inc. **Based on version 6.0 ENERGY STAR product specification for windows, doors and skylights. Note: See your Therma-Tru seller or visit www.thermatru.com for details on available product sizes and options, limited warranties and exclusions, and installation instructions. Designed for peace of mind. Lifetime Limited Warranties We stand behind more parts and for longer than most other door companies because we make or specify everything that goes into our door system. A Therma-Tru fiberglass door system is backed by comprehensive lifetime limited warranties. Classic Craft Fiber-Classic, Smooth-Star & Pulse Fiberglass Energy Efficiency In any region or climate, energy effiency is key. More than 80% of Therma-Tru doors and glass options – thousands of choices – are ENERGY STAR ® qualified**, helping save money on energy costs. Quality Testing Our doors, glass and components undergo thorough testing to help ensure they will live up to a homeowner's toughest quality and performance expectations. We even have our own engineering lab – approved to perform specific test methods with a third-party witness* – as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that our products live up to our high standards for durability and reliability. Other Inspired Entries TOGETHER, LET’S MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. We’re doing our part to build a better world, every chance we get. Therma-Tru Thrive is our commitment to make safe and sustainable products, support the communities where we live and work, and leave a positive, lasting impact on the environment.